Thursday, 11 August 2011

Not so funny joke.

Finn told me this joke....
Knock Knock,
Who's there,
Pineapple who?
Don't cry Pineapple, its just a joke.

Saturday, 6 August 2011


"MUM MUM I kicked the snail and then it was a slug"!


We were in coles, down the usual lolly aisle. There were a bunch of girls browsing, Finn says quite loud "Are they girls"? I grab his hand and quickly go down the next one!


Finn was walking through the car park at the hall, saw four young girls walking passed, he says to them "Hello girls", and they giggled at him, and he thought he was THE MAN.

Ladies Man

Finn was in the Creche, which means he was younger than 3 half. Emily was looking after the
kids this particular evening. Finn was sitting next to her, gave her a hug and said "your perfect".


Mr. Koch was standing in the foyer with his big long leather Morphius Jacket on, Finn was standing behind him, looked up and said "Is he the Lord"?

Robot Chicken

Now I know you shoudn't let little kids watch Robot chicken, but most of the things go straight over their heads, so.............. There was a action figure of Jesus in this particular episode to which Finn takes a gasp looks at meg and says "Jesus IS alive"!! he was extremely excited.


Meg and Finn were playing in Finn's bedroom, Finn shouts out "No bullying" "And I DONT stink"!